For all that they make me crazy(ier), I love my kids.

For a moment, I want to focus on the youngest – he is a great guy, with a good heart, a ready mind, and ADHD that keeps him going a mile a minute. At age thirteen, he is already big dude and will, in all likelihood, tower over the rest of the family within the next few years. When discussing this, he asked if (when the time was right) he could call his uncle (presently the tallest of the family) ‘Shorty.’ After a good laugh, we maintained that it would have to be ‘Uncle Shorty.’

It occurred to me that the aforementioned uncle holds a Masters Degree in Divinity, and (when he receives his call) he may become
‘The Reverend Uncle Shorty.’



Memory, like history, is interesting. Arianna borrowed an old fedora of mine for Halloween. When she put it on, it triggered a memory – about memory.

When she last borrowed the hat, she wore it into a pizzeria that my family had frequented when I was growing up.

An older gent in the pizzeria approached her & her brother. He had recognized the hat and asked if the were related to a guy who used to come in regularly. He proceeded to name my dad, who used to borrow the hat regularly.

The man was very kind and went on to reminisce about fine conversations with Dad when he came in. He allowed that Dad was a very good man and that he missed talking to him.

It was a bit odd, but the kids were grateful & polite.

It is nice to know that Dad is remembered kindly beyond my circle of friends.

As striking as her memory was, she had quite forgotten about it until she put the hat back on this morning.

A memory about (a stranger’s) memory.

Still here, with so much yet to do…

I try not to speak unless I have something to say.

Unfortunately, equally often, I can have something to say but I am too buried in other concerns to craft a cogent thought.

As today is a day of more than a few concerns, I will try and be brief;

  • It is not a sin to make a mistake. It is a shame not to learn from the mistake.
  • Never, ever, manipulate people into making mistakes. It is harmful, hateful & wrong.


Rules For Dating, A Guide For Teenage Boys. – A Response of Sorts

Having a daughter who is in college, and sons following within the next several years, I think that this will be a required read for them.

For those of you who do not know Jeff Hite’s blog [or his writings], go and read him. You are in for a treat.

After some serious thought, I have updated this article a bit.  I think you will like some of the changes, and all of the important things are still here.
Today I read an article that I really liked. Teenage Dating for Girls Part I “Teen Dating for Girls- Part II.” Having girls that are not yet teens I was interested, and I wanted to see what the author had to say.  One of my favorite things was that she openly said,  These are our rules, they might be different for other families, but these are some basics.  I really liked that.  Too many people kind of say, hey these are our rules and should be everyone else’s as well. I am going to say right up front that I am following the same line. These are our rules. They might work for you, they might not, but they…

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