Memory, like history, is interesting. Arianna borrowed an old fedora of mine for Halloween. When she put it on, it triggered a memory – about memory.

When she last borrowed the hat, she wore it into a pizzeria that my family had frequented when I was growing up.

An older gent in the pizzeria approached her & her brother. He had recognized the hat and asked if the were related to a guy who used to come in regularly. He proceeded to name my dad, who used to borrow the hat regularly.

The man was very kind and went on to reminisce about fine conversations with Dad when he came in. He allowed that Dad was a very good man and that he missed talking to him.

It was a bit odd, but the kids were grateful & polite.

It is nice to know that Dad is remembered kindly beyond my circle of friends.

As striking as her memory was, she had quite forgotten about it until she put the hat back on this morning.

A memory about (a stranger’s) memory.


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