I am a husband, a dad, a friend, a geek, and a mess. I’m old-fashioned & stubborn, yet many would see me as a liberal.  I believe in things like integrity, honor & duty – yet I refuse to be manipulated by others’ views of these concepts.  I believe that there is ‘truth,’  but I don’t think that anyone has the truth entirely on their side – nor would they recognize it if they saw it entire.  I can be gruff, even cold, yet I see the beauty of the world around me. I am trained as a scientist, yet I have faith in the maker of all things.  I have been introduced as ‘evil incarnate’ yet described as “…[he] doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.”


Fair enough, I don’t have all the answers either.

At the end of my journey, I will probably be done in by something I don’t understand. There must be whole libraries of things I don’t understand. Until that day comes along, I try to learn all I can.

Learn what you can, think for yourself & try not to judge.

Live, love, laugh & do no harm.

I hope that you will leave the world a little bit brighter place than when you came in.


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